Feet First

Feet First


Feet First is a luxury one hour treatment to take care of your feet, as they do so much for you every day. Give them a treat, they'll thank you for it 👣. Your feet will be soaked in a foot bath with Kaeso, with Mango and Ginger properties to soothe tired, achy feet. During the soak, they'll be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells. Kaeso's Lime and Ginger Tingle foot scrub will leave feet soft and smooth. The scrub is followed by Kaeso's Peppermint and Blueberry Twist foot mask. This will help lock moisture into the skin. This is then followed by a foot and lower leg massage using the Mandarin and Mint Yoghurt foot and leg lotion, also by Kaeso.

Reflexology can be added to this treatment taking the pamper session to two hours. Full price will be £60, a saving of £5.

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